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15,000 Skills

As the number of skills for Alexa increases, the issue of skill discovery becomes more apparent. The issue of requiring an invocation to access a skill still remains, as does the necessity to access the Alexa app or website to view and subscribe to particular skills (or to ask Alexa to add a skill).

What is becoming more necessary is skill curation. If I’m a sports buff, a foodie, a history fan, or like some other genre, perhaps there’s a way to subscribe to a number of skills at one shot tailored for me. What if I could share the skills I’m using or subscribe to recommendations by others?

Paid skills might not be very appealing unless they offer a huge value gain way above the price of needing to manually subscribe and then invoke them. Specialized medical applications or concierge could be a fit for this type of skill.

Also, what if skills could be accessed through calls on the Echo (or other AVS devices)? What if a bot with it’s own voice (text to speech) could be called? Maybe with an animated avatar if it’s through the Echo Show?

The next 15,000 skills will test the new interfaces available through Alexa and push the applications much further along (with multiple modes of interaction).

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