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15M Echos

Forbes reported yesterday that 15M Echos have shipped. The same report estimated that 5M Google Homes have shipped and that 20M homes in the US have a smart speaker.

Within two years a new category has been adopted by 15–18% of the market. We’ll likely see a much faster adoption of this technology compared to the cellphone and that number hit 80% in the in the next two years.


Technology adoption seems to follow an s-curve, getting narrower with each new category. Within five years, the numbers of households with voice speakers or products will likely be close to 100% in the US, with devices embedded into thermostats, lights, etc.

What are the opportunities for developers when all household have ambient voice interactive device? What new things can be done that wouldn’t be possible before?

First, someone being “unreachable” is likely to change. Second, needing to look up information on a device. Third, we may actually be less attached to our devices.

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