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36 Hours At CES

It’s been two weeks since CES and most attendees and exhibitors have made it back and are starting to contact the connections they’ve made, as fragile as the embers of those relationships might be. I spent 36 hours on the ground at CES. This is what they looked like:

CES can be disorienting but can allow for a lot of dense meetings or at least the chance to see clients face-to-face.

This was my fifth year in a row at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I had at least 28 meetings planned in the thirty six hours I’d be on the ground in Vegas. This year, finally, voice was big. Google Assistant, Alexa… everywhere.

I remember four years ago running up and down Sand Hill Road and being told to forget about it… why would someone use voice when you could just walk over to a light switch? They didn’t get it and for someone today developing the next Echo-like technology or the next big interface, they still won’t get it.

In five years time, all the technology that’s was there on display will be mostly irrelevant. There’ll be something else big, splashy and exciting that wasn’t even conceivable today.

If you’re the one working on that today, don’t only listen to what the VCs say if they’re negging on you. Find a way to keep going.

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