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A Brief Note on Brief Mode

There are a few reports that Amazon is pushing out an update for “Brief Mode” that will answer questions more quickly. This is a great adjustment to longer acknowledgements in voice interaction (I’ve complained about this both with Alexa but especially with Bixby). I’ m excited for this to be pushed out to all devices.

Ultimately, this should be the default of most voice interactions. Or, better still, the device should understand its context and adjust the interaction model accordingly. If the user speaks briefly, the response should be brief.

Google Assistant tends to do a good job with this. It’ll be interesting to see how much this feature is adopted. Another note is that this could reveal how Amazon deploys features to Alexa. Perhaps there’s a select group that’s pushed the update and then Amazon will push to more users afterwards. This means that there might be many versions of Alexa potentially running at any given time.

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