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A Dottier Dot

Eufy released a product called the Genie that is a small, Echo Dot-sized device that’s cheaper than the Echo Dot at $35. Back in October, I wrote about how dotty the Dot could get (in terms of price tag). With Eufy, we’re starting to see AVS implementations come down in terms of retail price.

It’s likely that we’ll hit a bottom for pricing for AVS enabled devices that work for far field — maybe $20 in two years. However, this might not stop Amazon from coming out with a third (or higher) generation of Echo Dots that could drive the price down to a level where they give it away with Prime Membership.

Hopefully, new AVS integrations will be hitting the market in the fall that go beyond the Dot / speaker form factor. I’m itching for a Pebble Core type device!

Small note: while I didn’t check if a $30 Dot was available in April, we can see a few for sale for $30 on eBay:

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