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A Few Sample Voice Kickstarter Projects

Vocal Warrior. This is a voice interactive game that involves using words / speech triggering to get the characters to fight each other. I can imagine that this is going to be a bit awkward to play but I’m excited about the first games coming to market.

FIII, Vi and CLIK. We’re probably going to see an explosion of voice interactive headsets over the next year. Sony Xperia Assistant was an example of this in the fall. Pebble Core was going to be a great example. Other companies are coming to market with products including universal translator type products.

WooHoo Camera. This is a camera that you can speak to. It’s about time! This is something that Google should have done with Nest/Dropcam years ago. Glad to see someone is finally making this happen.

Other devices. I already spoke about Dashbot and ReSpeaker. There was also Zac, a holographic racoon. We’ll probably see many more, especially Embedded Google Assistant SDK and Alexa Voice Service enabled devices.

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