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This past week, I had to donate my Echos to a project and I felt the same thing I had felt a few years back when the Ubi wasn’t around… I missed having it around. There’s something very empowering about having a device ready to act at your behest.

That said, appreciation for technology comes more easily after a break from it. Maybe we all need a Thoreau-esque purge of technology every few months to appreciate more the quiet thoughts in our head and not being able to get instant gratification from messages, notifications, or even immediate answers.

Just like intermittent fasting from food is being recognized as a way to bring us back to our primordial health, an intermittent fast from messaging or video might help us re-engage with uncertainty and wonder. The hope is that at some point, we won’t need this break because the technology we’re developing will know how to engage with us in a way that will extract our strengths in slow thinking.

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