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Alexa for Less than a Dot

Tap to talk seems to offer much less value to the end user — at least if pricing economics are any indication. The Jam speaker is one of the earlier Alexa Voice Service enabled products that had hit the market as a push to talk — similar to the Tap. Even the Echo Tap is no longer just a Tap… it was wake word enabled awhile back.

However, the price has come down to nearly half of its original price of $59. It’s now $34.99. With the channel costs and manufacturing, the brand is not likely making any profit off of this device.

The reviews for the device were also mixed:

In fairness to the Jam, it was early to market as AVS and it could be that consumers didn’t understand that this wasn’t an Echo and it wasn’t going to work at a distance. Or, like any WiFi product, were frustrated with the setup.

However, tap-to-talk makes the device much less competitive against a smart phone with BT pairing. The Jam’s pricing slide could indicate that completely handsfree could double the value of the device in the eyes of the consumer.

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