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Alexa on Phones

While the HTC and Huawei phones with Alexa have been out for some time, the new MotoX with Alexa is just starting to hit the market. It’ll be interesting to see how well it will play alongside Google Assistant on Android and whether features that are available on Echo devices will make it to the phone.

Some things that people would want to perform via voice using one assistant, rather than having to rely on two, would be:

  • Calling contacts
  • Adding calendar entries
  • Looking up places on a map
  • Sending emails and text messages

At least for the first item, it’d be curious if Alexa Calling could eventually be extended to these devices. With that, maybe there’s a play for Amazon to extend FireOS the same way Google pushes Android?

To the device maker, if they had more control than with Google and it could appealing to a large market (and not a large departure from standard Android), perhaps there’s a play?

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