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Animal Noises

As a parent, one of the favourite applications of mine on both the Echo and Google Home is animal noises. “Alexa, what does an elephant sound like?” or “OK Google, what sounds do penguins make?”

Both these devices happily oblige. What’s also fun is to compare what noises they have documented for each animal.

Accessing a sound library is a perfect application of voice first devices. We are just scratching the surface for what types of sound applications could be accessible.

There’s the utilitarian, such as the metronome skill. There’s also more complex like “OK Google, play an E flat.” There’s like one for playing scales and arpeggios.

The next generation of Skills and Actions will start to mash together sounds. “Alexa, what would it sound like if a bull and a rhino had a baby?” or “OK Google, play Hava Nagilah in Baroque style.” This is where machine learning will become very entertaining.

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