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Bixby and a Bottle

One of the interesting applications of Bixby as an AI would be “Do I need to get this item” while shopping. Already, there are fridges that come with internal cameras allowing you to peak inside and see if you need to buy something while in the store. Silicon Valley did a great take on smart fridges last season:

Food waste is a big problem and reducing wastage at the home level is appealing to many consumers. The issue is that there’s still a lot of manual work that currently needs to be done to track usage and inventory — bar codes need to be scanned, levels need to be entered. It sounds like more work.

However, image processing might help make this much easier. Already, Bixby can identify logos and products. The next step would be matching these to the volume of a new product and then being able to measure values. The last step to this together would be understanding when new items are purchased and alerting or adding to the shopping list in advance of the next grocery run.

Ultimately, CPG companies should develop packaging that can be read and provide some data on amount of product remaining. If that creates too much of a cost, perhaps there’s packaging that will allow for better computer vision processing of what’s inside. Then Bixby will be able to tell you how much ketchup is left in the bottle.

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