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Bixby Button’s Killer App

The Bixby Button has been the bane of many S8 owners and there’s been a cat and mouse game of those who’ve repurposed the button to launch other apps/tasks and Android/Samsung updates that have reverted it back to it’s original use. However, after playing with Bixby for awhile, it seems to have a purpose in fixing one annoying experience with Android.

It’s cute that Bixby adds gamification to its use — you earn points for doing different things with the service. However, the speech recognition and capabilities are just not up to par with Google Assistant and Alexa. So what does work well? App search! Opening an app that’s not on the homescreen is not a good experience in Android unless you regularly curate and organize your apps. Who has time for this?

Having used this feature now several dozen times, it seems to beat scrolling several times. If companies should lead with their strengths, then Samsung might do well do turn Bixby into the app search button, even if it sounds less grandiose.

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