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Bixby is Out

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Samsung officially announced Bixby. On its website, Samsung talked aboutthe three tenets of Bixby: “Completeness”, “Context Awareness”, and “Cognitive Tolerance”.

For completeness, this seems to refer to using voice to enable any touch functionality of an app. Context — apparently this means mixing different modes of interaction. “Cognitive Tolerance” — their meaning is that you don’t need to remember things.

Of course, a press release only gives so many details. It’s hard to understand what these statements mean until we can actually try out the device. If it works like it sounds, it would mean I could say “Send a Facebook message to Ron and say hello” and without an API from the app, Bixby would be able to understand that command.

According to the press release, Samsung’s plans are to roll out Bixby to devices. This would signal competition with AVS or Embedded Google Assistant SDK.

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