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Buds, Clips, Minis, and Maxes

Google, as expected, came out with a bunch of announcements and a new phone today. However, there were a few newish device form factors: Buds and Clips. Buds, the answer to the EarPods, and Clips… well, a life logging camera device. (?)

Some initial thoughts…

Buds — Will these have handsfree voice interaction? It seems right now they require touching the right side to activate Google Assistant. Also, it seems that they allow for some new features of Google Assistant to be activated (translation) but will these features be available to third party devices with the same capabilities?

Clips — I was hoping this would have been the equivalent of the Pebble Core but it’s not. It’s like Memoto, a life logging camera. It seems this might be Google’s answer to Spectables. Will Google also try to revive Google+ through this device?

Home Mini — The interesting aspect of these was being able to broadcast messages to the home / other Google Assistant connected devices. Good these devices be making a play on the intercom?

Home Max — An excellent strike at the HomePod and Sonos/Alexa integration. Self-tuning seems to be a requirement among speakers in the same price range.

Of course, there were more announcements around PixelBook and WaveNet but let’s digest those later.

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