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Bye Bye Beme

Less than an hour ago, I received an email from the Beme team that it was shutting down its app.

Beme was a fun concept. It was an app that was designed to allow video makers to talk from the heart (literally… while holding the device to their chest) and broadcast live — as well as capture peoples’ reactions to seeing the videos. The team and IP was acquired by CNN.

Here’s Casey Neistat, one of Beme’s creators, explaining how it works:

Casey, who recently stopped his daily Vlog, was inspiring enough to get me to download the app but I couldn’t get into it. There’s Periscope and YouTube for content creation and I wasn’t a fan of being recorded while watching a video.

Also, I couldn’t get past the interface, which relied on the selfie camera and light level to determine that the device was being held against oneself (like a body cam). This feature seems to be clunky among a number of apps using it. The sampling rate might be too low as the reaction time to fire the app takes awhile and it can fire unintentionally.

Beme had a more successful end than Meerkat (a similar live streaming app)— which just shutdown. However, it’s hard to be a pioneer in content creation tools. Snapchat, Facebook Live, and others are out there in force. I’m excited what CNN can do to help create a distributed news recording network.

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