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Calling the Show

After side-loading and a bit of tweaking, Alexa Calling worked today. It is magical. It’s definitely how trusted calling to home should work.

Some good things:

  • Call quality was great
  • The interaction to answer was very cool
  • Sneak peak let me know if someone was there

Some areas of improvement:

  • The angle of the interaction has a high tilt upward, so you can’t get a good view of a large room
  • The device is stationary and designed not to swivel, which isn’t great when the person you’re talking to is roaming about the kitchen
  • When a subject stands close to the screen, there’s a bit of an Echo

However, this interaction completely changes the “meh” experience from earlier to a great one. There is definitely an opportunity for others to release devices with Show capability but more features for video chat.

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