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Cambrian Explosion of Voice Technology

While our timescale is multiple orders of magnitude smaller, we are going through a sort-of Cambrian Explosion of voice technologies and products. Like the actually Cambrian Explosion, this one is occurring after several long periods of slow development on multiple fronts. The first is computing technology, then software, then hardware, then AI.

What we’re about see over the next few months are dozens of new tools and likely hundreds of new products that are voice first. These new tools are also coming out in rapid succession. XMOS, MicroSemi, NXP and Conexant are just some of the players that have released kits for Alexa voice service. Samsung has had ARTIK for awhile but maybe Bixby will be ported to it?

With the product development pipeline currently moving forward, we’re likely to see lots of consumer products in market for the Fall. The next step after this will be the shrinking and eventual invisibility of voice first products. What’s exciting about the era ahead will be the diversity with which we will interact with our surroundings.

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