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Cameras and Glasses

Those seem to be the two new things Amazon plans to announce as new products in the Echo-line, according to news reports. Following the announcement earlier this week from Nest about its new home security system, Amazon may be trying to also catch up and prevent others from getting home data.

Before more speculation, maybe we should look at what the bigger picture could look like for an Amazon client in the future. Maybe there will be a new tier of Prime that would allow you to never be without supplies or miss a delivery. You’d open the fridge, and all your food would be stocked. Your pantry would have exactly what you needed. Toilet paper, paper towels, diapers… exactly as much as you really need and you never have to order or unpack.

For this to happen, Amazon would need to get in your front door. It’d need to identify who arrived, document the arrival, and then unlock the door. An Amazon security system could allow for this.

From an economics perspective, how much would it save Amazon and eventually the consumer if it never had to deal with missed deliveries? Here’s one report on missed deliveries and the impact. And another Medium post on the cost. The answer is that it’s probably significant enough to justify Amazon making its own security system and subsidizing it to its best customers.

As for glasses… Amazon has hundreds of thousands of warehouse workers who are doing repetitive tasks and not having to take out a device or reposition to look at a screen could be a big energy and strain savings. However, for a consumer product, it might be a little more of a stretch. With Instagram’s Spectacles, it provided a new and faster way to post. Google Glass also had Google+ and Google Photos behind it. Amazon doesn’t yet have that cachet for social media to warrant its own device. Of course, that might stop them.

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