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Connected but Not Distracted

Very soon, the Pebble Core I ordered should be arriving. I’m excited by it being a new type of voice interactive device that taps into Alexa Voice Service and is always connected. The Pebble Core is definitely not the first type of device like this. Others include the XOWi Voice Badge and the OnBeep. There are also a few watch type devices like CoWatch from Cronologics that use AVS.

Apple Watch and Android Wear are also attempts to bring easier notifications to wearables. However, if you’ve had a meeting with someone who was wearing an Apple Watch, you constantly feel like they think you’re wasting their time (by checking their watch every few seconds). These devices make things more distracting.

What’s exciting about the Core and the other badge-like devices is that they’re headless. You can’t get visually distracted by them. It also reminds me of th KS project, Light Phone, that tried to bring non-distracting (and low tech) technology back.

We’re likely going to see more demand for these types of non-distracting technologies. These allow us to be more connected with the environment around us while still being connected to important information.

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