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Creating New Environments

While voice is a great interface, one of the cool directions we’re moving is the ability for technology to reshape our environments. A few years back, I was mesmerized by the concept of Winscape:

While face tracking for 3D effect hasn’t seem to take off over the past 5–6 years since TED talks like this one:

The cruise ship Quantum of the Sea starts to incorporate this into virtual windows in staterooms and a performance with both TVs and projectors:

Zach Honig gives us a tour of Emirates new suite that includes virtual windows:

The high end restaurant Ultraviolet in Shanghai also uses projectors to create a new environment during dining:

These technologies (projection) in the next 10 years are going to be the equivalent of today’s Hue lights — completely able to change our home environment at a very affordable cost. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to have breakfast next to a quiet lake or switch to the news:

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