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Dot. Home. Tile.

It seems successful hardware device makes have one syllable names (or have two syllables but start and end with vowels such as as Ubi or Echo). Beyond voice interactive devices that our out there, one of the exciting class of devices that are on the market are trackers. These include both object and car trackers.

Tile is an example of these. If you’re prone to losing your keys, this will help you locate them using your phone. Devices like Automatic help you remember where you’ve parked or more importantly, help you setup geofences when stuff goes missing.

We’re going to see similar technology shrink in size over the next 5 years to the point where anything of any value will be traceable. This will bring a killer app to Google Home or the Amazon Echo… “Alexa… where did I leave my keys”. Of course, keys will be much less common in 5 years.

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