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Echo-Home Co-existence?

If you haven’t seen this, you might want to check this out:

It’s the Echo and the Home asking each other for calendar entries over and over. Cute. But it brings up an interesting question — can the two co-exist?

I have both and right now, they do different things. I use the Google Home for Chromecast and playing videos. I use the Echo for playing music and accessing skills. (I also use the Ubi for getting sensor data and for testing.)

Setting up the Belkin lights on the Echo was simple. Setting up the same on the Google Home required IFTTT as an intermediary. Maybe Google Home will eventually be usable as an output device for messages from the Echo or other sources? Maybe someone will make a mashup of Google Home?

This month, we’re to see the release of the Embedded Google Assistant SDK. We’ll know whether co-existence is a possibility (theoretically, AVS can run with multiple voice services on the same device) or whether Google will draw a line in the sand.

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