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Echo is a great product but you know… #EIGBY

One of the killer apps of Alexa is timers. We knew that from the days of Ubi. When you’re in the kitchen and your hands are grimy, there’s nothing better than setting a quick timer and being in the loop for when it’s time to take something off the heat.

However, Echo is a great product but you know… (we’ll just say EIGBY for short) barge in doesn’t seem to work well for alarms. “Alexa, stop…. Alexa, STOP…. ALEXA!! STOP!!” (then walking in a huff to the device and pushing the command button with slimy egg batter covered fingers).

EIGBY… why is the AEC for the alarm unreliable?

EIGBY… shouldn’t the sensitivity on the Alexa trigger word be increased when an alarm is going,

EIGBY… touchless cancel should be standard, especially on the Echo Show where there’s a camera that could detect a change light level.

These little improvements could make timer experience significantly better.

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