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Engagement Metrics

Smartly.AI and others have provided ways of building quick Alexa Skills. Over time, these services also added metrics to be able to see how many people engaged the skills and where they dropped off.

However, Amazon has now made this available as part of the developer portal for Alexa. It’s great. You can see how many users are using the skill you’ve built, how often, and which intents they’re calling.

Ultimately, now there are metrics, there are going to be amongst the hundreds of corporations with thousands of skills some type of incentive to increase those, whether it’s new users, engagements, or something else. These metrics will also be correlated to sales or some other figures to value the engagement.

It might be Peter Drucker who said “what gets measured gets done.” It’s likely compensation targets are going to be set for Alexa Skill metrics. We’ll see gaming of the system at first — maybe intentionally confusing the user so that they need to repeat things. Then, people will realize there are better metrics and the schemes will need to be more sophisticated (and eventually not worthwhile).

In the end, what one needs to ask is: Does this Alexa Skill make interaction with my service or device much joyful to the Alexa user?

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