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Finding Your Phone by Voice

If you use an Android device with your gmail account and type into google “Lost phone”, you’ll likely get a map of where your phone is located with options on what you can do.

But what about finding your phone when you’re home?

Many years ago, one of the coolest things we implemented with the Ubi was being able to tie in Ubi to IFTTT. You could find your phone just by making a recipe on IFTTT.

Nowadays, that same rule can be applied to the Echo and Google Home. If you want to go the route of not using IFTTT, you can also use our Ubi Portal Skill with the Amazon Echo / Alexa Voice Service enabled hardware using a twilio tool.

What’s frustrating is finding the phone when the battery is gone or the cellphone is out of coverage. I’m looking forward to more services that provide reliable breadcrumbs to trace back to a device or to have some offline radio mode.

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