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First Look at Look

I’m not a fashionista. I pretty much wear the same thing every day. However, voice interaction is very interesting so of course I had to get an Echo Look. For at least two years, I was bugging a few companies about the need to implement voice in their cameras. So it’s with mixed emotions that I say, “Alexa, take a photo”.

Using the device is as reliable as the Echo Dot in my quiet office. The sound output is poor (think motel bedside radio) but it’s to be expected from a webcam. You aren’t going to be listening to symphonies on it.

Relating to photos and videos, it seems hyper niche to have a product aimed at those who want to photograph their wardrobe everyday. I can definitely see the potential of influencers using this device to promote to their followers — but maybe not as a tool I’d use everyday for style. Maybe Amazon will allow people to post photos of the clothes they bought on and get some affiliate revenue as a result?

The video feature would also be good for live feeds or vlogging but right now it only takes snippets. “Alexa, start my live feed” or “Alexa, start a periscope” would be cool features.

I’m awaiting the Echo Show to see how the two will play together. My verdict is out on the Look. It’s interesting.

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