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Garmin Speak and Car Alexa

At least while we’re still allowed to drive cars (maybe for another 12–13 years before it becomes illegal to drive on highways without autonomous modes), devices like the Garmin Speak are going to be very interesting. There are a few things I like about this:

  • It’s simple
  • It offers voice interaction
  • It has a clever UI for Alexa

Not having tried it first hand, I’ll reserve further judgment.

However, there are some big opportunities left on the table for visor / windshield mounted devices.

First, this uses a phone’s data. I like how Garmin has a companion app for passing through the data and running AVS, but it’d be better if the device had its own connectivity.

Second, if the device is already mounted, why not a forward and rear facing camera with recording.

Third, as device with a standalone connection, this could be used like Automatic or Mojio for car tracking and diagnostics.

It could be that Amazon is keeping an eye out on the Garmin Speak adoption to see if it could provide such a device and capture lots of data. In addition, combining it with Alexa Calling could cut out a lot of network providers from the car.

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