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Golden Age of Car Audio

We are in the Golden Age of car audio. It will be very short lived, but we’re about to hit its peak this year. Over the next few months, Alexa will be rolled out into many brands, Apple and Android audio solutions are available, and more than ever, there are podcasts available for every taste from Hardcore History to Freakonomics Radio. Never has content been so easily accessible — and available to you while you drive as long as the car has a Bluetooth input.

It will likely be even easier to access and play content in 2017. There are still some edges with all of the different solutions out there, either accessing local content from apps or being able to play an audio book where we left off (reliably).

However, the Golden Age of car audio will be over very soon. What will kill it is the whole idea that we will need to be focused on the road for long periods. Autonomous vehicles will make focused driving a strange and dangerous phenomenon that we will look upon as a primitive era. We’ll be able to do work or other things. YouTube will benefit while audiobooks and podcasts (and radio) will crash.

It’s probably wise that Howard Stern renewed his contract for only five more years.

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