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Google Assistant and Little Things

Dear Google Assistant,

It was great to see you show up on my phone this morning. Definitely a welcome surprise! I was not expecting you so soon but I’m glad you’re here. It was especially nice to see you after a device reset because Google Voice Search stopped functioning on my device and I was getting annoyed.

You were so polite as well and offered to help right away. I appreciate that.

OK Google… remind me when I get to the office to send a note about the evaluation board.

Wow… you got it. Quickly! I mean — almost as soon as the words came out of my mouth. I see the confirmation. You’ve added it to my tasks to remind me when I get to work.

But then something weird happened. I got to work. No reminder from you. You disappeared. I guess you were doing something else? Did you forget about me?

You know where I work. You know where I am. OK Google… where am I? “Here’s a map…” Yup… labeled “Work”.

You’re quick, you’re snappy. You sound very upbeat. But… you got to keep your work or I won’t trust that you’ll work when I really need you. It’s the little things that add up.

So, Google Assistant — will you remind me in two weeks to check if your reminders for location work?

I’m hoping you’ll pull through.



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