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Google Home Block Parties

It makes sense that Google is holding block parties this month in NYC and LA to promote Google Home and Play Music. Not that an event like this is a good way to get a tech device mainstream, but Google might be hoping to influence the influencers for the killer app of the Home product.

Like with Echo, being able to command music through the Google Home by voice makes a music listening experience much better. Barge in (acoustic echo cancellation) also makes it a much better experience to skip to the next song or stop if you need to interrupt.

What the block party concept might insinuate is Google’s strategy for wooing consumers to its product — double down on music service access and playback and slide the product into homes through the connected audio. It’s like that Google Home, which has replaced Cast, will also find its way into devices in a similar fashion to AVS with the Embedded Google Assistant (though no word on official release) in the coming months.

The music experience, the real value is time to music — how long after a command is issued is the correct song. The company (Amazon, Google, or another player) that can demonstrate this most reliably has the better argument for being embedded into a product and being accepted into a consumer’s home.

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