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Google Home Shopping

Google needs to beef up its Express service quickly. Yesterday, it announced that it’d opened shopping from Google Express on the Google Home device. The service offers free next day shipping of select items from a few stores.

The idea is to add convenience to Google Home and at the very least, edge closer to Alexa’s vast shopping capabilities. However, it doesn’t seem like Google necessarily wants to overtake Amazon’s capabilities in convenience.

If it did, it could do it by:

  • Offering free same day (or even same hour) delivery for the most popular items in the service
  • Having meal delivery setup ordered through the device
  • Giving notifications for deliveries (as seen in the promo video)
  • Having it act as a virtual doorbell — maybe even tie in with Nestcam to ID who’s at the front door if it’s pointed outwards
  • Sharing profit with those companies that add Embedded Google Assistant SDK to their devices

Ideally, Google could acquire a fulfillment / online shopping company to bring the whole process under its control (rather than have the order come from Whole Foods, Target or elsewhere). In that case, it could own the margin and have the Home become a profit center.

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