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Hello Canada

Alexa is now available in Canada. While it was possible a few months ago to set an address to Canada (maybe as a test that slipped to production), a few things seemed to work today.

First, the Alexa App is now available in Google Play for Canadian devices:

Second, you can actually order Echos (at a discount):

$49.99 CAD ~ $39 USD — pretty good sale.

Third, you can configure settings for Canada…

The localization happens in Canada for weather and location (e.g. “How’s the weather” or “Where am I”). However, I’ll need to more testing for Amazon Prime ordering (a feature that only worked for Prime items from that could ship from the US to Canada). At least for the time being, Amazon responds “Centre is spelled C-E-N-T-E-R”.

Amazon also announced Prime Music for Canada. It looks like we’re finally catching up here. More testing to come…

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