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Hi Bixby… Remember Me?

Bixby is really interesting to me. I’m not completely sure if it’ll work, what it’ll do, and why I should use it, but it keeps on goading me in with updates. It adds gamification with experience points. It has different acknowledgment sounds, it asks for feedback, it’s a little be clumsy. But, it seems friendly and positive.

It also turns out that for a long time, I was forgetting that the wake up word was “Hi Bixby” rather than “Hey Bixby” and that it was just not good at all at picking up the wake word. It didn’t like the wake word training because the environment was too noisy.

Samsung still has lots of opportunities to differentiate Bixby from other AI assistants:

  • Make a very straightforward to implement API for third party devices
  • Enable music streaming
  • Make an amazing TTS experience, maybe with pre-recorded responses
  • Go big where Amazon and Google aren’t playing
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