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How to Pack for CES

Yesterday, thousands of attendees at CES learned the hard way that have a roller bag makes things more difficult. Several years ago, they were no longer permitted on the show floor and this means needing to either drop the bag off at your hotel room before hitting up the floor or finding storage near the venues, eating away at the time here.

My visit to CES is quick… one night here and one night in a plane. While it’s still not the most efficient or lightest way to pack, this is my balance of having everything I need to work together with being able to carry it around with me for the entire day.


  • Laptop / adapter
  • Clothes (shirt, socks, underwear… reusing pants and sweater)
  • Headset (my secret weapon for good quality audio on calls)
  • Toiletries
  • Lip balm (Vegas is dry)
  • Extra device / batteries (this is my overkill but just in case)

Not having a roller bag has saved a ton of time and allowed for a lot of flexibility to CES planning.

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