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Human Training for Trigger Performance

· Amazon Echo,GOOGLE HOME,Ubi

Now that there are at least two mainstream voice interactive devices, it seems like it makes sense for us to have some training on getting better performance out of the devices. Actually, we need to inverse this and teach ourselves how to perform better when interacting.

One of the biggest frustration points is having to repeat the wake up word. In voice parlance, this is called false rejection. It’s the equivalent of someone not paying attention to you.

Whether it’s OK Google, Alexa, or some other trigger words, here are a few tips.

  • Look at the device. If you’re mouth is directed towards the microphone array, you’re less likely to send the device a reverberant signal.
  • Speak with intention. You’re intending to get the device’s attention so speak slowly as though you’re trying to call it from across the room but with less inflection.
  • Speak American. At least, if you’re in the US. Alexa is “uh-lex-uh” in American vs “Eh leeks Ah” in South African for instance.
  • Give training. Both Google and Amazon allow for voice training of their devices. These should help with accuracy.
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