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Intermittent Connectivity

Governments worldwide over the next five years are likely to identify Internet access as a utility and a basic necessity. As a utility, uptime is going to be critical for everyday infrastructure. The new term might be “high availability Internet”. Even 99.999% uptime still six minutes of downtime per year.

Today, intermittent connectivity becomes annoying. When your cellphone connects to a WiFi hotspot before you’ve accepted the WiFi sign in (e.g. Starbucks), access stops. Same with subways and elevators. For voice typing and virtual assistants, this might become enough of an annoyance for users to abandon the feature or device.

As 3G gets replaced with LTE and LTE+, perhaps it will become the cheap backup for devices that need to be online all the time to function. Maybe the next generation of Echos and Homes (or HomePods) will have both WiFi and cellular built in or ISPs will start to provide dual service through routers.

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