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Into the Fray

· AI,Technology,CES

This is the fourth CES that I’m attending and having kept up with the early news coming out of the event, some of the big trends that are popping up are:

  • Robots
  • Drones
  • AI

In July, Kevin Kelly gave a TED Talk about how AI is going to be the next revolution, similar to the Industrial Revolution. Just as we have “horse” power distributed in the form of electricity — available to us at any time on a pay per use basis — so too will we have access to “intelligence” for various tasks. He says that the opportunity is to add sensors or other feedback mechanisms into ordinary products. I’m going to be on the lookout for this.

The other traditional products that are on display at CES — TVs and appliances — have been searching for a way to stand out for several years. Curved screens, 3D TV, thinner screens — all of these features seem to defy that these types of interfaces are waning in popularity for consuming content. With pixel density as it stands, things seem to look better on TV than reality, which seems to create some type of distorting effect.

Will let you know what I find…

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