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Into the Maelstrom

This morning’s flight to Vegas was packed with CES attendees. Lots of overheard discussions about lines of work, what the latest will be at the show (it reminded me a lot of the line from Fight Club about single serving friends). A small number of people brought their families along. There was even a spotting of the Unbox Therapy team. If you work in the tech industry in Toronto and make the annual pilgrimage, you’re likely to run into someone you know or recognize.


One of the benefits of a show like CES is the density of meetings you can pack in and the amount of new tech you can see. Much of the magic of CES doesn’t happen on the show floor but in the suites of the Venetian or meeting rooms at the convention centers. What’s happening in those closed door sessions might make it to next year’s exhibit floor booths.


Back to the plane… in observing the tech that the techies bring on board, it’s still mostly consists of iPads, iPhones, and nicer head phones (maybe this is more of a marketing crowd?). And observing voice interaction, being that there’s no Internet onboard this Rouge flight, no one is using voice interaction (but that’s rarely the case on a plane, even if there were Internet connectivity).

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