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Look, Alexa…

Amazon announced today the Echo Look, a device that adds a camera with an Alexa voice interface. Amazon had experience with adding cameras to hardware (the bold idea of 3D tracking on the Fire Phone) and Alexa has been on a device with a camera (Nucleus). Amazon putting them together is interesting.

Amazon’s first device outside of the microphone-only Echo seems to keep it focused on entrenching into consumers’ buying patterns. Alexa seems secondary to the functionality of the Echo Look, which is geared towards keeping track of your fashion.

From the fashion perspective, I don’t know what to make of the Look. Typically, I wear the same outfit everyday so I’m the least fashion trendy person to ask. However, applying computer vision to an in home camera has lots of interesting applications:

  • Tracking weight and health
  • Tracking hair styles
  • Looking at products and assessing them
  • Home security (like Dropcam)
  • Weather trending
  • Home automation
  • Conference calling

Seeing as Amazon just released Chime, perhaps the Look could be integrated?

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