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When the email came out today about the Echo Show, my first thought was that there was going to be a YouTube or Amazon Video series about the Echo and different AVS devices. I had seen the rumours about the device with a screen but didn’t think it would be out imminently.

Like the Echo Look that was launched last week, Echo Show is a very different device. Not on the revolutionary scale as the Echo itself, but still very different. If you haven’t yet done so, take five to checkout the video:

While the Echo Show is another Alexa powered device, by combining a video camera and screen, it becomes a video conferencing device. Immediately, this might set it as competition against Nucleus Intercom, a company that Amazon had backed through the Alexa Fund.

Through the app, it creates a competition with Google Hangouts and Apple FaceTime. Or Skype. By being a dedicated device, it enables other features like allowing for people to “peak in” (not sure exactly what this entails but it could mean others seeing a blurred version of the video of you until you accept). Google Duo had a similar feature but on the requesters side.

Another feature of the device is to show feeds. One device that it promotes is Ring, another recipient of the Alexa Fund. Presumably, it could also work with the Echo Look — maybe for feed.

With video chat and voice, it seems like the backend for this could be the Amazon Chime service that it launched a few months ago. Combining voice (Lex), video AI (Rekognition), speech (Chime) with commerce services, Amazon could have access to a boatload of information to inform better recommendations for products and services. It’ll also be interesting to see if can be used to significantly displace video consumption from mobile devices or TVs in the home.

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