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Lots of New Voice Products

It looks like a slew of voice products were released this week, mostly around IFA in Berlin. First up, there’s Sanbot, a sub-3 ft robot with screen that is AVS-enabled:

Then, there was Samsung’s announcement that Bixby will be enabled worldwide.

One of the coolest devices announcement was Bragi, an earpiece set that will be Alexa enabled. This reminded me of the Pebble Core that was on track to be a standalone AVS-enabled device around a year ago.

KitSound won praise from Amazon for it’s new AVS-speaker.

KitSound, from Chipin.

From the Google Assistant side, at least five GA-enabled devices were launched at IFA, from LG, Panasonic, Sony, and others.

We’ll likely be seeing more and more of these voice-enabled devices hit over the next 60 days in time for the holidays.

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