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Millions of Echos

Over the course of a weekend, maybe a million plus additional households became Alexa-enabled ones. The adoption of ambient voice interaction is accelerating and it’s likely that over the next five years, we may see adoption as high as 80% and within a decade, true ubiquity of voice in all settings. Voice is not Clear Pepsi — it’s a different product altogether.

What will be interesting to notice is how different regions, languages, and cultures adopt to voice-first technologies.

  • Will some be more accepting of push notifications?
  • Will some be more shy?
  • Will we develop new vocabulary based on voice first products?

Some other questions that might be interesting to get answered…

  • What products are most ordered through voice?
  • What genre of music is more likely to be request by voice?
  • What Skills/Actions if any are popular by demographics?

Answering these questions may open the door to new opportunities.

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