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More on Alexa Calling

From the flurry of announcements this week, one has been around Alexa Calling. Being able to make calls Echo to Echo is definitely appealing. Even initiating a call from the Echo is convenient.

We had implemented via our Ubi Portal Skill for Alexa the ability to create conference calls between two numbers and have it initiated from the Echo. “Alexa, tell portal call parents” is a very convenient way to initiate a call instead of taking out a phone, looking up a contact, etc. Here, the phone would just ring and call the other party at the same time (with nice Twilio hold music in the interim).

Some low hanging fruit for Alexa Calling is:

  • Enabling calls to non-Echo users
  • Sending of voice memos
  • Receiving voice notes from other apps like WeChat or WhatsApp
  • Sending memos to the same

For the Echo Look and Show, some possibilities are:

  • Vlogging Skill
  • Video memos
  • Korean style mukbang (live streaming dinner eating to friends)
  • Adding SnapChat type filters to videos

Amazon will likely tread lightly in rolling out these different features, making sure that the rollout doesn’t lead to a mess of confusing user experiences.

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