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More Reliable Connectivity and Interactions

One of the frontiers of connected devices is reliable connectivity. When something sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t, it gets frustrating.


Bluetooth is one of those technologies that so far as created unreliable interactions. Yes, 95% it works but the 5% of the time that you have to re-pair a device gets frustrating. [0th-world problem warning] For example, my car audio will once or twice a month stop connecting to BT, requiring me to reconnect the device or turn off / on BT on my phone.


Sometimes, it’s not the connectivity itself but how apps interact under those settings. Google Play might stop working or there’s a 1-second delay in using Google Assistant when connected to BT.

I’m excited about the next generation of protocols that can allow for more consistent interactions. As Bluetooth 5 gets rolled out to more devices, let’s hope that this frontier will get populated leading to smoother experiences.

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