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More Voice in Mainstream — ToyMail Featured on Shark Tank

ToyMail is a recipient $500K from the $100M Alexa Fund setup by Amazon to help companies either integrate Alexa products

On Friday’s episode of Shark Tank, ToyMail presented their newest device. The Talkie is a voice messaging toy that allows for kids to record and play messages from trusted contacts.

What was different was that ToyMail had been a recipient of the Alexa Fund, a $100M fund setup by Amazon to help companies either integrate Alexa products or innovate around the service.

It was revealed on Shark Tank that ToyMail had raised $500,000 from Amazon and that it was intending to add Alexa Voice Service to its products. This is likely the case with other hardware makers that had been investments of the Alexa Fund.

However, there are a few additional questions that could be raised by Talkie’s AVS integration:

  • Will there be a version of AVS that will be child-oriented or child-safe?
  • If messaging or phone calls become available to AVS, will these be extended to the Talkie or similar devices?
  • How can device makers tailor an AVS implementation? (this isn’t possible now)
  • Could all of the push notifications for Talkie eventually by handled by AVS?

With Talkie, the company’s founder had mentioned future voice interaction and it’s possible that Lex could be a good fit for building this. Amazon’s investment might help keep Talkie in AWS.

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