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Mousing Around

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It’d been many months since I had an “office” — a dedicated place that wasn’t an Ikea cafeteria or coffee shop or home — to work out of. In the Fall, I realized that I could actually get a lot more done with a desktop type setup. This included a large monitor, a dedicated keyboard, and a pointing device external to my Macbook.

However, I quickly realized that the technology advances since the last time I had a setup like this created new problems. New monitors were very cheap for 4K and 60 FPS but only some supported DisplayPort that could run that resolution beyond 30 FPS. This created a problem for mouse tracking. As soon as a you started to move a mouse around a large screen, you could seen the lag. 60 FPS ends up being needed to not have a distracting or frustrating experience with a curser.

The other issue is that I had become so accustomed to using the trackpad on the Macbook that transitioning back to a mouse seemed unnatural. For a long time, I scoffed at an external trackpad, but have now found the Magic Trackpad2 to be a huge boost. It’s even more natural than using the Macbook’s trackpad and the haptic touch interaction is impressive.

The only thing missing from this setup is having Siri usable while typing or doing another task. This would make the desktop setup complete.

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