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Music Unlimited vs Music Prime vs Apple Music vs Amazon Unlimited

There’s a lot of stratification when it comes to music play services. Amazon, Apple, and Google all have their own. Amazon has two services. Amazon Prime Music has 2 million songs and Amazon Music Unlimited has tens of millions of songs. Spotify and Apple Music each both 30 million plus songs.

In the end, it doesn’t matter. The real question is when trying to use voice’s killer app of music request / playback is whether the song you want is available and can stream when you request it.

There are a few things that can interfere with this ability:

  • The song or it’s title is in another language
  • The spelling of the song title is strange
  • The first word of the song title is “A”
  • There are multiple versions of the song on different services that are connected to the same account
  • You don’t know what is the exact title of the song
  • There are multiple songs with the same title

Playing music on the Google Home and Amazon Echo over the weekend could be a challenge — “Alexa, play A is For Apple” had issues, so did “Play Only You” (I wanted the one by the Platterz). It seems that Google and Amazon both have issues with any memory of preference for type of song.

Maybe Amazon’s Super Bowl ad with Carli B was accurate?

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