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Name Pronunciation on Google Assistant


· google,alexa,Siri

CNET published a great how-to on setting name pronunciation for Google Home / Google Assistant. Essentially, you can add a phonetic name to a settings field to try to get Assistant to pronounce your name better.

Name saying is one of those things that leads to a visceral reaction from the user. We are so used to responded to our name from such an early age that we can separate it from a lot of noise.

However, calling us by our given name keeps us distant. With family and co-workers, we often develop nicknames or pet names. These evolve naturally through shared interactions (e.g. “Stinky” or “Big Foot”).

Will we ever be open to our Google Assistant or Alexa or Siri calling us by a pet name? Would it be weird if it called us this in front of friends / colleagues?

If so, it might make the interaction with our devices more natural.

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