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Night Mode

As Alexa and Google Assistant become the main modes door interaction with our homes, it may eventually become more difficult to access succeed services through other interfaces. It reminds me of when I use Spotify on my phone to play out through my Sonos or Echo — if the app isn’t open, it’s difficult to actuate music.

This problem is exacerbated at night or when someone might be unfamiliar with the Echo/Google Home. Turning the lights on, unlocking the door, or doing other actions might be unfamiliar. But what can be even more difficult is doing so at night. One usually wants to whisper to prevent others from being woken up.

While there’s a Do Not Disturb mode for Alexa, what might be more useful is a night mode. This mode would reduce the output volume of the Alexa device, maybe reduce the brightness of the LEDs (or screen on the Show), and be tuned to capture whispers. Maybe it’d also lean more on the sign of false trigger to catch a command?

There’ definitely more room for improvement for using voice at night with voice first devices.

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