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No Home for Nest

The new Nest update not being integrated with Google Assistant is puzzling. For almost two years, we were waiting for Nest to have Google Now or similar integration. The device already has a microphone, speaker, and Internet connection so the incremental cost of adding trigger word would be minor.

In essence, Nest missed out on an opportunity to 1) leap frog the Echo Look with its own product or even 2) be the first Google Assistant SDK enabled device. One could even conclude that Nest would be more likely to team up with Alexa than Google Assistant (they just announced an IP agreement with competitor and Amazon-friendly ecobee).

If Nest were an independent company, the continued evolution and focus of its business on creating better products would be fine. But it’s not. It’s an Alphabet subsidiary that was acquired for $3.2B. That should have panned out more than just as an acquihire.

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